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Airbrush Activator

Airbrush Activator

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Take your Airbrush Brows to new heights with the perfect blend of Mrs.Highbrow's Airbrush Activator. Our specially designed liquid oxidant is formulated to mix seamlessly with PowerStain, ensuring that the dye stays nice and liquid for that flawless Airbrush Brow effect.

50 ml
Especially for Airbrushing
Mix with PowerStain
Strong formula
Airbrush Brows, it's the trend of the moment. And of course, Mrs.Highbrow has the perfect product for that: PowerStain, a high-quality eyebrow dye that offers long-lasting and beautiful results. Powerstain is specially formulated to adhere to the hair and skin, creating long-lasting color and shape.

Airbrush Activator: Indispensable For Airbrush Brows
To use PowerStain for Airbrush Brows, it is essential to combine the right fluids. For this purpose, we have developed the Airbrush Activator. This special activator is fortified with extra powerful developers, making PowerStain work perfectly with the airbrush system. With the Airbrush Activator, application is effortless and you are assured of a precise and even application on both hair and skin.

The Benefits Of Airbrush Brows With Mrs.Highbrow
Natural looking eyebrows with flowing color
A beautiful ombre effect through the use of PowerStain
Long lasting results using PowerStain
Special Airbrush Activator for effortless application
PowerStain + Airbrush Activator
Want to explore the latest trend of airbrush brows? At Mrs.Highbrow, we have the perfect combination of Powerstain and Airbrush Activator to take this technique to the next level. Create beautiful, natural brows with flowing color and enjoy long-lasting results. Discover the magic of Airbrush Brows with Mrs.Highbrow and experience the transformation of your brows for yourself.

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