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Noemi Professional Dye

Noemi Professional Dye

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Noemi Hybrid Dye is intended for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes, coloring during lamination.

Noemi Dye is a new hybrid tint with care formula. This product not only colours the hair and creates a beautiful stain on the skin, but it contains nourishing ingredients which will help strengthen and protect the hair and stimulate its growth. Noemi Dye contain henna extract, olive oil, green tea and aloe vera.

Black: Blue violet pigment

Black is a neutral colour and will show on the skin as a very deep dark brown with strong pigmentation.

Chestnut: Gold red orange pigment

Chestnut is a deeper red-brown colour that has a medium/dark pigmentation and will leave a lovely skin stain.

Dark Brown: Red-orange pigment

Dark Brown is one of the darkest shades with strong pigmentation. It is suitable for dark brunettes.

Light Brown: Yellow orange pigment. 

Light Brown has a medium pigmentation and can be used by itself for dark blondes/soft brunettes.

PH 9-10

Shelf life of the product: 24 months.
Expiration date after opening: 12 months.
Made in Germany 

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